Jeff Garrison


Garrison’s musical journey has taken him from a small beach town in Michigan to Music City, USA.  New to the Nashville scene, Garrison recalls arriving with only a guitar and a bag of clothes.  He challenged himself to play one-hundred shows in one year.   That dedication quickly turned into a major label record deal, full US tour with The Wanted and a #2 Billboard hit. 

“I love music that allows you to feel so you can heal old wounds.” says Garrison. Amy Winehouse and Fleetwood Mac’s influence on Garrison and his raw lyric and dreamy melodies can be heard in his forthcoming record.

Garrison also collaborates with other artists and has garnered cuts with Morgan Wallen, Kylie Morgan, Dylan Rockoff, Rae Lynn, Livy Jeanne and more.  His songs have been placed in numerous film and television spots including Taco Bell, a Super Bowl promo, Riverdale, Modern Family, American Idol, Blackish and more.