Nick Connors


Nick Connors has his own distinctive style of contemporary pop set afire by the range and timbre of his uniquely massive voice. The 20 year old Houston-native utilizes his rare vocal talent to harness the superpowers of his biggest influences: The power and control of Adele and Whitney Houston, the pop prowess of Michael Jackson, and the raspy-ness and soul of Chris Stapleton. Connors aims to bring an appreciation for raw talent back into the mainstream, and leave fans with pure inspiration, confidence and belonging; all the things that his idols have left behind for him. 

Nick Connors is no stranger to virality. The young star has already amassed over 1 million YouTube streams, 92 thousand Facebook followers, over 620 thousand followers and 3.1 million likes on TikTok. Nick’s no stranger to the spotlight either. Connors made it to the Judge Cuts of America’s Got Talent’s 14th season performing for hundreds of thousands of viewers and he familiarized himself with thousands of eyes as he sang the National Anthem for nearly every professional Houston sports team. Nick Connors has been featured in numerous news articles and interviews including ABC News and Right This Minute.

Connor’s self-titled debut EP is set to release in early 2022 and will follow with a string of shows supporting artist Yola in March of the same year. The EP was produced by Sean McConnell during the summer of 2021 at his farm in Nolensville, TN. On this project, Nick Connors dives into a period of self-discovery packed with purpose finding, weathering adversity, and staying true to oneself.

At age 10, Connors began performing the national anthem for small organizations, quickly rising up the ranks until he was regularly singing America’s most familiar song for all of the major Houston sporting teams. He has gathered quick support from stars through his performances of the National Anthem, with highlights of the Texan’s JJ Watt running across the stage to hug him, and James Harden’s Mother inviting him to the Harden family suite at the Houston Rockets, while warning his mother to “‘watch out for sharks’”, because “‘he’s going to be a star’”. 

Connors credits his hometown of Pasadena, Texas for his diverse taste in music, performing everything from soul to contemporary pop. He notes that Texas is “not just country people” and his state’s growing diversity has led him to want to “please all kinds of ears”. Connors attributes his success to his Mother, who single handedly raised two children with grace and relentlessly supported their dreams. Connors’ first band, Nick and The Groove, formed in 2018 with other young Houston locals, catapulted the teenager to overnight success. Videos shot at the band’s first and second-ever live performances of the band playing “Barracuda” and “Tennessee Whiskey”, went viral on Reddit and Facebook, expanding Nick’s fanbase and generating widespread awareness among music media. From then on, He and his band were fully booked every weekend, a mere 3 months after forming. Now Nick is charting his own course in the music industry with his debut self-titled EP.